Thursday, April 14, 2011

A's Tee Ball

Conor Espn in finally old enough to play t-ball. I must say it is pretty hard watching these games after we watch the fast paste ones his brothers play. But I think he is enjoying it. Tim is coaching his team, it is nice to see the two of them out there togeather. I can't belive how fast he is growing.

Mr. Cheeser. I do love his wrinkly nose though!

This is Conor's 'bestest friend' Maddox.

And this is Conor's little team. They all look so tiny

I am enjoying watching him grow and watching his little personality come out. He makes me so happy. Being a mom is the BEST!

Monday, September 6, 2010


Seriously it has been way to long since I have updated this. I wish I was better at keeping up with this thing. I used to, not so much. The summer was good. The boys came and stayed with us and we enjoyed having them here. Of course the summer was also to short and with the start of school they had to go back. So the end of August we went to AZ and spent some more time with them. One thing we had to do while we were there is see OUR Cardinals play.
Here are the boys outside the stadium in front of the Pat Tillman statue. Of course if we have the chance to go see a game and not have to chase Conor we jump at it. He was staying with his grandma and we went out and enjoyed a little pre-season football. Anyone who knows me knows that my first love is baseball. Anyone who knows my husband knows he is a Sports it may be a little shocking to know that this was my first time seeing an NFL game. I was excited to see the new stadium as well. You could feel the energy inside this place. I have never felt that before. Made me want to get up and scream...and I did. It was fun to go.

Another thing that has kept us busy is our little man....Conor. I was looking at pictures of him when he was little....Wow! Things have changed. Now we have him running around riding bikes. Reading books, doing puzzles, jumping on the trampoline (bouncing), playing with blocks. He is very active and loves life.
This summer we spent a majority of our time at the pool. We head over there and 1 and spend most of the rest of the afternoon swimming. He ended up a pretty good little swimmer. I'm excited for next summer. This is Con's favorite snack at the pool, he loved the queadilla's. They were super cheesy, and he was very happy to eat it.
Conor is also a very big helper around the house. He helps us unload the dishwasher, take out the trash, but is favorite job is vacuuming his floor...with HIS vacuum. I love it! I hope he enjoys doing it in 10 years still....By far Conor's favorite thing to do is spend time with his bubba's. When they are gone he misses them so much. He had so much fun running around doing what they do. I think Anthony and Jaren love him just as much as he does them. So that is us. We spend our days taking care of kids and each other. Pretty perfect if you ask me. Tim of course is working hard (always does). We are ready for football to start. We miss Anthony and Jaren....really miss watching them play ball. Can't wait for a time when we are all together again. Life is good and full of Love. We are pretty lucky.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Last week we were able to head to AZ to see Anthony and Jaren. They are living in Mesa with their mom while we are still here in TX. Man, we have missed them. It was soo good to see them. We went and saw Jaren pitch for his little league team. It was so great to watch him do so well. He even hit an in the park home run!

While we were there we went and caught the last few of the Spring Training games. Here is the boys in front of the Maryville field where the Brewers hold their spring training.
Kettle corn and a baseball game....with the best boys in the world....PERFECT!
Conor misses wrestling with his bubba's. So as you can see he will get in wrestling any time he can!Tim and Anthony after finally getting TWO autographs they worked so hard for!

Of course Grandma Elaine had to spoil her grandkids while they were all together. So she made sure to contact the Easter Bunny so he would hide eggs a little early for the kids. They spent some time one morning finding eggs. Conor was pretty excited about finding eggs. He was even more excited about what was inside.
The boys after their egg hunt. Man I LOVE these boys. What handsome kids!
Here we are with the Ferguson-Hess family. Some in jamma's some just out of the shower. It was a good morning! Thanks Grandma Elaine, for spoiling my kids.
It was so good to see the boys. I have missed watching them play baseball. I can't wait to go watch them again. It seems like the week went by SO fast. It was good to see everyone.

We did take some pictures of Anthony playing on his club team as well as Little League...but I can't find them! So you will have to stay posted for them.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This is my baby just after he turned one. Today he turned 3! I can't believe the time has gone so fast. The day started with making a birthday cake. Conor did help me. He added the milk and butter. Then we just spent the day hanging out doing what we do best. I absolutely LOVE my days with this little guy. I'm so lucky to be able to spend my days with him and see and hear the things he does.
Grandma sent a box of presents and inside there were some party whistles. Tim and Conor had a fun time blowing the whistles in each other's face.

He is covering his face so Tim won't hit him with his whistle. He was laughing so hard. It was cute.This is Conor's cake we made. He LOVES the movie Cars, and cars in general. WE decorated this together. I just now noticed that we put the "3" on there backwards. O-well! Conor was funny, while we were singing he would close his eye's and make a wish then try to blow out the candle. He did it three times before he finally got the candles blown out. Tim told him to take a bite out of his he did. He enjoyed it a lot too. He wanted to keep eating it. His little bite marks on his cake.

I am so happy this little guy is my baby. I can't believe he is 3. I LOVE him so much. Happy Birthday Conor. WE love you.

Monday, January 25, 2010

We took the family to the Monster Truck Extravaganza this past weekend. I was excited to take Conor. He LOVES monster trucks. He has a few he plays with on a daily basis. So I was super excited to see his reaction to them. I defiantly didn't expect what I heard him say. "Momma, Monster trucks are scary!" It took a lot of convincing to get him to turn around and watch what they were doing. We ended up having to buy him the heavy duty ear muffs (the tiny ear plugs weren't doing the job). Once he had those on he was good to go, as long as I had him safely wrapped in my arms.
I love his squishy cheeks, he had to have his hood on too. Cute kid!
Mariah and Mackenzie went with us, they are our nieces. They really liked it.

This is Mackenzie in front of the HUGE wheels of one of the trucks. It just shows how big they are.

Mariah and Kenzie in front of the trucks.

Of course we had to get a picture in front of the trucks with our scared little boy. So here you go. Here is Tim with Conor, at least you got a little smile out of both of them.

Here we are in front of the one Conor attempted to like the best.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My big Boy!

This is Conor's new obsession. He LOVES Roman. He calls it noodles or soup. It is the cutest thing watching him eat his noodles at the table. I walked by last night and realized my little baby boy isn't so baby anymore. He is going potty in the toilet, eating all by himself, everything boys do and babies don't. Can't believe the time as gone so fast.

Okay, and he loves to have two drinks to choose from. He drinks juice in one and milk in the other. And he drinks them both all the time.

As always, I LOVE this boy. He makes my world spin round. Keeps me busy and makes me learn to have more and more patience every day. I wouldn't have it any other way!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

We had to get a new TV because ours went bad. Tim brought it home last night and Kenzie and Conor have been wanting to play in it ever since. Conor said it was his favorite box ever! Kids are so funny, it is amazing what they end up loving and it is just a box.

Here they are in the box, notice the piano in front of Mackenzie. Conor has one too, but he is to busy hamming it for the camera.